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PC Freezes trying to install windows. Will post.

Level 9
My PC boots into the BIOS just fine. All my drives, cpu and memory seem to be running fine. Currently running memtest and so far no errors. I have a boot disk (USB) to install windows and the farthest i've gotten is inputting the Key. then the PC locks up and is frozen.

BIOS has not been updated, its a brand new out of box MB Strix Z790E, i9 13900K, Corsair 7200 Vengence.

This is the second USB That i have tried and I'm getting the same result. Any ideas?

Level 7
My acquaintance/friend doesn't have spare motherboard with a same socket so we are not able to test CPU, but he said that by what I told him and by his experience that this must be 99% a faulty CPU. So I will send the CPU back and request for a new one. Will keep you posted.

Level 7
So, after 6 frustrating weeks I have finally received new CPU yesterday. It really took a long time.
But anyway, the new one is working as it should and even the temperatures are much lower. Benchmark with Cinebench is showing average temperatures around 81 with a pick to 93 degrees celsius. Previous CPU Cinebench temperatures immediately went to 100, that was why I've limited to 90 degrees in BIOS.
Although this time I've changed ASUS motherboard's original CPU frame with Thermalright contact frame, I don't think this was the issue with the temperatures. When I was changing frames, I have noticed that original frame wasn't screwed in as it should be. When I wanted to unscrew the screws, all four of them were really loose. I literally didnt have to use any force to unscrew them. So maybe that was the problem with higher temperatures or even maybe some bad connections between MB and CPU pins and that is why maybe CPU died. Motheboard was new and I didn't fiddle with the screws before first installation because I had no reason to do that. I really dont know how the screws can be so loose on the CPU frame or anywhere from manufacturing process. From now on I will always check this whenever I will buy new motherboard and I advice everyone to do this also before installing CPU.