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ROG Maximus Extreme XII Detect HDD

Hi,I use Rog Maximus Extreme XII  I have to install on M2, windows 10 pro 64 bit with a CD Bootable, on Lector CD/DVD connect with SATA. When reset and boot again, it works fine, except the issue that no have internet.But if i disconnet the Lector CD...

z390 maximus hero wifi nvme to sata ssd

right now i have a nvme m2 and i will be giving this pc to my son after i get my upgrade. problem is i cant figure out how to get my pc to recognize my sata ssd. ive tried everything short of clearing cmos. i reset bios..messed with csm and also uefi...

PCIe_3 x16 stuck at x2 mode

i Have Asus Code XI mobo with the next hardware:i7 9700kf2 stick of RAM (xmp profile)RTX 4090 (PCIe_1) Avermedia Capture card (PCIe_3)2 m2 ssds Samsung 970 PROThe question is related to Capture card PCIe_3 x16 slot, it runs at x2 speed instead of x4 ...

Rizbon by Level 7
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VGA Q-Led on after windows restart ?

Just notice something weird about white VGA Q-Led, it doesn't turn on after cold bootBut of I restart windows it suddenly turn on and stay on even I restart windows again. Q-Code is the same = A0GPU is Asus GTX1070 O8G, Mobo is Hero X (non wifi) Gp...

cyanid by Level 9
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Code 4F when booting.

Hey all, I am at my witts end with this problem.System : i7 8700kROG Hero X (Bios 0802)16gb T-Force 4133 1 x Samsung 960 Pro 5122 x Samsung 850 2561 x Samsung 4TB HDD2 x Nvidia 9801200 Watt Corsair PSUAll components at stock speeds. My system is cons...

Asua aura does not recognize motherboard

Hi guys,I went to Armoury Crate software for my Asus Motherboard Z390E (brand new) and clicked update and updated all asus software. From that update, my asus aura and armoury crate does not recognize motherboard. I can change lights to light strip, ...

Maximus X Formula - i7 8086k - best XMP memory.

I want to upgrade the memory on my gaming rig, so I have been reading the Asus QVL memory list, and there are some DDR4-4000. Yet posts Ive read say 4000 mhz is problematic with the Z370. On the G.Skill site, the most common one that comes up given m...

sutex by Level 7
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