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Upgrade GPU and CPU ???

Hello everybody I have a full ROG computer Rampage VI Apex, Core i9 7900x delid and direct die with a ROG Strix RTX 3080 TI OC with 2 custom watercooling loop.I play game with nvidia surround with 3 ROG swift PG278Q so a resolution 7850x1440It's nece...

Armoury Crate makes system unstable (unusable)

Hi. Armoury Crate is driving me mad.I need this stupid software as my Ryujin AIO watercooling system has a small display on the cooling block which should be controllable (it should be able to display a chosen GIF image, or, as I prefer, be used to d...

W_ill by Level 8
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Hello,I have a problem with my motherboard that won't boot.Suddenly, my computer had a boot problem, and I couldn't get past the home screen with the "Republic of gamer" logo.This means that, when loading Windows, the screen would freeze on a blue ba...

ararat by Level 7
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Strange SSD behavior on z790i

Hi guys, let me introduce my setup then explain the issue I'm struggling with, hopefully you can give me a hand. I would try to be as clear and brief as as possible.MoBo: Z790iCPU: 13600kf (stock freq)GPU: 4080FE NVMe: 2 x KC3000 (512GB OS + 2TB Game...

Asus Hyperion GR701 - Fan+ARGB hub

Is it possible to buy the hub and powercables separetly?  If not, can connect the FrontIO and SidePanel panel to a MotherBoard Header directly?Considering that my Hub burnet out, what would my options to get my RGB working again

Matt181 by Level 8
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