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ROG Z11 wont boot

I put the pc together outside of the case to make sure everything worked fine and it did. Then when I put it in the Z11 it doesnt boot. Lights turn on and case fans spin when plugged in but when the power button is pressed cpu fan starts to spin then...

Leon713 by Level 7
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Gundam build USB issue

First post here, so please be gentle haha.  I've recently gotten the Gundam themed build, and I'm having an issue with the USB header on the case.  The case is the Helios case which has 4 USB ports on the header, however only 2 are functional.  As ne...

Resolved! Bluetooth not detecting GuliKit KingKong 2 Pro

I have a ROG STRIX B650E-F board. I just finished this build and am trying to add Bluetooth devices. The system will detect some devices. However, it will not detect my GuliKit KingKong 2 Pro controller.I have an older computer that detects it withou...

how long does ittake to update BIOS?

I am putting together a Hero IX.I used the flashback button to load a new BIOS. I put in a thumb drive with the renamed BIOS in the root. I pushed the button until it started blinking. It quickly went to a solid on light.It has been more than 45 minu...

Gaming and Video Editing Build 2018

Hello everyone,I am trying to build a gaming, streaming, and video editing battle station :cool:First off budget is $5000 I was shipping my computer back for repair, and UPS completely destroyed it and has issued me a check for the cost of the unit. ...