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ROG Strix Scar 16 (2023) huge issues after driver update

So I just bought this laptop. First day of having it I haven't really had any issues. Now whenever I plug in the power to the laptop, or try booting the laptop with power plugged in, I just have a black screen. The keyboard is still lit up, caps lock...

zkalra by Level 9
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Max supported SSD

I'm looking for a 14inch model that is powerful enough for image/video processing, a good resolution screen (something like 2880x1800) and can support up to 4~8TB. That's really hard to find!I'm thinking of buying one of these, which looks perfect ex...

Nick_ by Level 7
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NVIDIA Control Panel's VSync option not working?

I have a TUF Dash F15 2021 (FX516PM) and for some reason, the VSync option in NVCP doesn't seem to do anything at all. After setting it to "On", the frame rate was still uncapped, and I was still getting screen tearing in games. I have already update...

Carte mere Asus Rog Strix III G731gv

Bonjour J ai un Asusrog strix G731GV  qui n arrête pas de switch de batterie à secteur et je pense que le connecteur d alimentation est détérioré  après avoir changer toute la pâte thermique, les pads, nettoyer ventilo et calloducs et le chargeur est...

Disabling fast charging

Hi, I'm a proud, maybe a bit less proud lately, owner of ROG Flow X13 2022 (Ryzen 7 6800HS) While I love the versatility of this machine, I would like you to help with my issue.This laptop has feature "Fast charging" in reality it means that while co...

Shere by Level 7
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FA507RR VRAM OC issue

I was trying to find a way of getting more than 300+ on my A15's VRAM on the 3070 only to come across an article saying that ASUS decided to cripple the potential memory OC because of people mining? Like really... no one else bothered legging up thei...

Resolved! Bought used laptop already registered

I have bought a used ROG G513 and tried to register my product, but the device is already registered. I have tried to contact Asus support but they are not willing to help. In their words the person that has registered the laptop has to send a reques...