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งง กบการลงทะเบียน

ทําไมผมลงทะเบียนเมนบอทไม่ได้อ่ะครับ ใส่ sn ที่ข้างกล่องแล้ว ทาง asus ก็บอกไม่ใช่อีกเลย งง

Over voltage jumper question rog strix z590e

This may be a silly question but I cannot find the over voltage jumper piece to connect it to pins 1 to 2 or 2 to 3.  Will my PC run fine if I leave it on normal settings without overclocking it?  Does anyone know where to find the piece if needed?  ...

Connect docking station to pc

I have built a pc and I have single monitor connected to the pc. There is only one hdmi slot in the mother board. I have ASUS : ROG MAXIMUS Z690 motherboard. I also have a laptop with it I am using a dell docking station which has dual monitors, keyb...

Z790-H rgb only on when computer is off

I honestly bought the Z790-H over others because of the rgb. But it only comes on when the computer is off. I have it enabled in the bios. I have armory crate and I can change the colors there, but it only displays when the computer is off. Contactin...

Z790 Maximus Hero antenna

Hello!so today I accidentally broke my antenna cable on the screw side… im wondering if warranty covera for a replacement if not where can I buy a new one? Thanks in advance!

FraO by Level 7
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How to Clear CMOS on Motherboard

To utilize this technique, ensure that your motherboard has a dedicated Clear CMOS button or reset button on its rear or on the front panel. If it does, follow these steps:Shut down your computer.Unplug all cables from the back of the PC, including p...