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NIghtmare with ASUS RMA Dept. DO NOT TRUST

I recently started an RMA for my ROG Strix RTX 3080 and was sent a replacement that didnt work. I have had the replacement GPU that ASUS RMA  that doesnt work and have been in contact with ASUS Support 4-5 times already being promised to be sent a sh...

Asus sent me a bad card via RMA then asks for payment.

At a bit of a loss right now. I sent in my 3090 Strix 24gb card to Asus under RMA. It was diagnosed then repaired/placed according to the technicians.I installed it in my PC, got about 3 hours of gameplay and testing, then it flickered and the screen...

Pksan by Level 7
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Melted connector STRIX 4090 OC

So my STRIX 4090 melted 3 days ago. Its a long story to write but i will only post what ASUS said to me. So ASUS accepted to take my GPU for inspection. I shipped my GPU to ASUS Repair Centar. I had a phone conversation with ASUS agent. I was told th...

Sib3riX by Level 10
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ROG STRIX 4090 OC Edition - nvlddmkm and ASUS RMA

Hello ASUS Fans I purchased this card 30.01.2023 for crazy 2000+ € ! I installed this card like many my other old cards (but from EVGA) and what I saw first is screen flickering and then screen off after close any game or benchmark. At first I'm conf...

bojerka by Level 9
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RMA Delay ROG Strix 3090 OC

I send my GPU to Nvidia Europ center for repair (GPU freeze randomly in game).Asus RMA receive my GPU the 2023-07-14.The status is still repairing.How long i have to wait to get back my GPU ?

jfrag by Level 7
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My 4090 Tuf RMA experience with ASUS support

Honestly, I couldn't be happier with how this RMA went. My 4090 Tuf was one of the unfortunate 4090s with a melted 12VHPWR header because of a Cablemod 12VHPWR angled adapter. But from the time I created the support ticket to receiving my replacement...

jommy by Level 7
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