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Keyboard backlights are blinking ! - solved?

hi,even after (or maybe because, i'm not sure) updating windows and the drivers (with asus update), my keyboard backlights are blinking. The backlights have 4 states : when set to the max or to the min, they don't blink (full on and full off) ; but i...

Scar 16 Artifacting On Boot

Well, I’ve owned my 13980HX/4090 laptop for about a week, first time I’ve seen this issue on mine so far. Using dGPU only. Bought a cooling pad to test thermals yesterday, went to boot up the laptop and screen started artifacting for 30-45 seconds an...

AV8R by Level 1
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GL552 sound driver problem, hissing sound/electric buzz

Hy. I'm new to the forum and the hole rog experience.Just bought a GL552Jx that runs smooth except for the sound. After instaling the Conexant Audio driver, from asus support site, also available on delivered Cd, the laptop's speakers make a hissing ...

iam by Level 7
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ROG Strix SCAR 18 (2023) RAM upgrade to 5600 DDR5

I just bought 64Gb Kingston Fury Impact DDR5 5600 CL40 (2×32Gb) model KF556S40IBK2-64 I mounted it to my strix scar 18 and... it does not turn on, does not even enter bios. Only the ke...

F0t0n by Level 7
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