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Strix G16 2023 Audio Issues

Just picked up this laptop, and while it's been pretty great... I've had one annoying issue.I've noticed any earbud that I've tried on the laptop that has an in-line mic has a horrible electrical interference sound whenever audio is played and random...

Elite49 by Level 7
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Intel Graphics Driver for ROG Zephyrus M16

Hey, I was wondering if anyone knew whether it's 'better' to update to the latest Intel graphics drivers or stick to the 'latest' drivers available from Asus for the laptop (even though it's outdated). When I get to the driver page, I get this messag...

ftansl by Level 7
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Asus scar 16 2023, how to fix turning to black screen.

First thing first, many thanks to a YouTuber named gaming performance. He is the person who is told me to do this way. In Armoury Crate set GPU mode to Standard and in Nvidia control panel > manage display mode, switch to optimus. It will help you ru...

Vorie by Level 9
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ROG Strix Scar 16 4090 HDR Black Screen

I’ve read on Reddit and here many others are encountering this problem. Where switching to HDR causes a black screen and having to reboot several times to get the computer back and running. All my drivers are up to date along with Bios 309.Does anyon...

Bry279 by Level 8
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Z690 hero sound issues realtek

I have a strange issue with the onboard sound of my Rog z690 Hero Mainboard. The front channel out (lime green jack on I/O panel) does not work. There is actual no sound-output on that channel. If I set the mono-switch in Windows 11 to on, the front ...

Keyboard ROG Strix G15 (2022) STRIX-G15-G513RW

Hello,I received a ROG Strix G15 (2022) STRIX-G15-G513RW-HQ173W. As I live in France, I received a AZERTY.I would like to change the keyboard. Does the QWERTY (US or UK don't mind) keyboards pieces are compatible?Thank you.

Mnms by Level 1
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Asus rog strix b760-f gaming wifi

Hey guys,Please share your experience with undervolting of 13th gen CPUs as well as high speed memory stability please.Also, is it possible to change SA Voltage on this MB ? Can somebody test it. Thx.EDIT: Nevermind, I tested it myself.So, as for und...

xh43k by Level 7
  • 11 replies
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