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The same thing happens to me, yesterday I started assembling the ROG THOR 850w Plantinium II power supply and when it came to connecting to my new ROG MAXIMUS Z970 HERO motherboard I ran into some problems.1st - From the PSU I connect the two cables ...

Make a White 1200 PSU Strix?

I want to buy one Strix Aura 1200W (Black) and one 1000W Aura (White) power supply. I plan to swap the components of the 1200W with the 1000W, putting the 1200W components in the white casing and vice versa. I intend to use the black one in an older ...

o1lporr by Level 7
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Resolved! need a little advice

I have a ROG Maximus Z790 Dark hero motherboard and a ROG Thor 1200P@-Gaming power supply.I wish to plug into the dual procool II power connectors, but none of the cables with the power supply will fit. I can get the twin 4 connectors to fit but not ...

ROG Thor 1600T Power cord

I'm really interested in buying an ROG Thor 1600 but The 16A plugin may be a stumbling block as I'm renting and may not be able get the landlord to okay me getting a 16 amp socket installed. Has anyone here encountered any safe work arounds? I've hea...

rcd1976 by Level 7
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Asus Loki 1000W Doesn't work with Razer Argb hub

Hi everyone,I got a Loki 1000W. It's nice to have an Argb PSU and I want to sync the light with my Razer Synapse cus I want to keep the number of rgb control app as least as possible. I connect the Argb cable of the PSU to Razer Argb Hub, but the PSU...

ROG THOR PLATINUM II - 1000W vs 1200W noise levels

Hello,current reviews are not conclusive on that matter.I am looking for a strong and quiet PSU, i am undecided between the 1000W and 1200W variant of the ROG THOR PLATINUM2My question is, which one is more silent under the same load ? 

br1zz by Level 7
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ROG Thor 1200w Platinum II question please...

Am i right in thinking, the oled screen and rgb only comes on when you start PC ?, i mean it wont be on all the time if plugged into the wall socket on standby will it, thx   Oh, and any ideal the exact length of the cpu cables, i think spec says 650...

Looking for a PSU with colored cables

Hello!Im in need of a replacement PSU that is used to drive my 12v Car Amp.Since i need to chop the cables, i need them to be the old colored variant - can only seem to find all black cables nowadays...Psu should provide about 1000W - Not NoName chin...