Armoury Crate
Complete control over your system, accessories, cooling, and lighting.
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Armoury crate instability

I have recently added a Claymore II to my setup and honestly the way it was reviewed it seemed as though AC had sorted its problems out if you take the reviewers at their word. So I dove in - but after pretty much every update Claymore II just defaul...

Armoury Crate - Fan Xpert error (S-1001)

I posted a reddit thread about this as well, everyone that responded with the same issues all had the same motherboard: ROG Z690 Extreme (Glacial)"I'm encountering an issue when trying to enter Fan Xpert in Armoury Crate,Error (S-1001)(Translated) - ...

NE0XY by Level 8
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Issue with armoury crate

First of, Hello allNow i have no idea if this fits in here but feel free to move t where it belongs.Ive been having the following issue ever since windows install (windows 11 64bit home)Edition Windows 11 HomeVersion 21H2Installed on ‎11.‎5.‎2022.OS ...

Coldy by Level 7
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Suggestions QOL and features: Armory Crate

Would be nice to get a couple of QOL issues addressed, plus fix this z790 hero lcd panel effect issue. Feature-wise: MOST IMPORTANT QOL ISSUE:  Can't separate the default effect on the z790 hero lcd panel ("ROG" generic) from the Polymo Special Effec...

Miodh by Level 9
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m.2 4TB storage

MOBO rog crosshair x670e extreme, bios latest version, win 10.Have O/S installed on 1 TB m.2. bios sees that drive ok, but does not see the 4TB m.2 installed in the other slot.What needs to be changed in bios to enable the 4TB m.2 ?Thanks