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RAID Driver

Just finishing build with the new MZ690EG board and have this in D Manager:Using a single Samsung 980 Pro. Is this the SATA driver I'm missing? Is there a bios field I can disable to resolve this? Thanks.

Hopper64 by Level 14
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1003 BIOS update bricked my Z690-F

Hi,I am looking for some help. Since yesterday I can not use my PC.It has been working fine (0811 bios) since Dec, just few BSOD during one game.Yesterday I installed 1003 using the BIOS Utility. But now it doesn't boot any more. Tried reflashing usi...

Z690 Apex QVL so small

Why is the Z690 QVL list so small? My ddr5 is listed on the Z690 Hero QVL but not on the Apex QVL. If the ram can run on a Hero 4 slot it should run on an Apex.

Z690-F Audio Issues

Only have a few days before I have to decide if I am going to return it, so I would appreciate any last ditch thoughts to try! The audio issues have been frustrating to no end, although the choice of boards, ASUS or not, without a Realtek 4080 chip...

Z690 Bios 1101 update NVlink/sli fix

New bios popped up. Looks like its simply a rehash of 1003 with support for sli/nvlink. No QVl or ram additions. I'm giving up on running 64gigs on 4 sticks. Selling both kits and gonna run gskill 6000 32gigs.

USB 3.2 Gen 2x2 Type-C module

So the ROG Hero Z690 is an interesting mobo. As I read thru its manual I see it has the subject USB header for connection to a front panel connector. Has anyone found a source for obtaining such module? The manual states "The USB 3.2 Gen 2x2 Type-C® ...

tocguy by Level 9
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