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Resolved! Integrated Graphics CPU on ROG G20AJ not working

Hello,I wanted to use my "old" ROG G20AJ (i5 CPU) as a home server. Some years ago, I gave the graphic card of this pc to a friend because i wasn't using it anymore. Today I wanted to start this computer with the HDMI port of the integrated graphics ...

Ainama by Level 7
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Converting GA35DX back to horizontal mount GPU

I have the ROG Strix GA35. It came with the card mounted vertically. Unfortunately, this leaves no room for any other PCIE card. I've removed the vertical GPU and mount but I want to convert it to a regular horizontal mount directly to the motherboar...

2 ROG Computers file sharing Wifi Mystery

I have a puzzle here that maybe someone can figure out. Because I don't understand. My ROG computers are doing what they are supposed to do and I want them to be able to share their folders between the two computers. So, on File Explorer, I can see t...

2 PC wifi mystery.jpg
RK3D by Level 7
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Strix GL12CX m.2 NVMe location?

I can not find where this drive is located inside the chassis. I've found the spot for the optical drive, the spare tray for ssd. Help Please

ROG G20 restore to original Windows 8.1

I just got an i7 8 GB RAM and NVDIA GTX 780 for a very low price (£50 no less) as it did not have the twin pack power supply (180 & 230 watt). Fortunately it booted up fine but as the previous owner had set a pin in Windows 10 I had to reinstall that...


32GB ram

I have a ROG STRIX GL10CS, Intel i5-9400F 2.9GHZ. I am trying to install the max 32 GB ram but the PC will not boot up? What could be wrong?


I really really need help from someone who knows how to upgrade parts in PCs as I have no idea what to do! I have a Tytan G30AB that I’ve had for 10 years now but it is not able to support Windows 10 due to “hardware limitations” (ASUS technical supp...

Best buy Asus ROG desktops

I wana build a computer to run harry potter and baldura gate 3 on max settings. If I got a prebuilr Asus ROG desktop could I upgrade it later? I know building is cheaper but best buy had a good cc deal with no interest lol. The one I'm looking at is ...