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Asus Rog Strix GeForce RTX 2080 8GB O8G Gaming

Can someone provide me with this cards Bios but with more power limit? I have the card with LM (max temps @ 275W = 62°C Hot spot 72°C )  and a sh!t tone of 14 w/mk thermal pads  with a 1000W Seasonic PSU. Can anyone make/find me a Bios with more powe...



does anyone have knowledge about the thermal pads used in the asus Rog Strix rtx 3060 TI OC, unfortunately the time of my thermal pads has long passed and they need to be replaced but I do not know what thickness to use, please help.

Turn off RGB permanently (RTX 4090)

Regarding this model -ASUS TUF Gaming GeForce RTX™ 4090 OC Edition 24GB GDDR6X | Graphics Card | ASUS GlobalI'm looking for a way to completely turn the RGB off in way that won't surprisingly turn back on, even temporarily when the computer is bootin...

NiQ by Level 7
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Corsair iCue detects ASUS 4070 Ti Temp

 Brand new setup with TUF Z790, TUF 4070 Ti, and bunch of Corsair products.Corsair iCue detects the motherboard and GPU.For sensors, it detects 4070 Ti Temp 1 and 2.Should I not be able to see the same data in Armory Crate? I’ve looked and all I can ...

ROG RTX 4070 Ti led

Hello,I've got the ROG Strix RTX 4070 Ti OC and when I shutdown my computer a red led lights up :This led is off when the computer is on, and absolutely no problems with the card. I've setup the ERP in S4+S5 because the pump of the OC stayed up when ...

Snqk3 by Level 9
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rog Strix 4090 OC version performance bios

hello go a questionthe rog strix 4090 oc version has a performance switch and silent rightwe installed a waterblock and forgot to switch it to performanceis this still a dual bios? like can i flash the silent bios with the performance so i dont need ...

JeffLo by Level 10
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