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Can anyone help with my ROG 6 after new update my phone has issue with software it bootloops like 6 times then it comes on after a while if there any fix

Rog Phone 8 Pro Eddition 風扇問題

想要請問,昨天我的風扇還好好的可以使用,睡個覺起床,我的風扇裝上手機之後,變成無法使用,風扇完全沒有反應,風扇燈沒有亮也沒有轉,手機上也沒有偵測到說有風扇 請問這個應該如何解

jjfly11 by Level 7
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Rog phone 8 pro camera issue

I can't post the video but it lags so bad when I open the camera randomly. Worked fine yesterday. I get static on the screen when I first open the cam. Then it'll freeze and go to black as I cycle through camera, video, portrait modes. I've never dro...

ROG phone 8 pro 系列機器bug

不知道開發人員有沒有用過ROG手機發布那麼久了指紋bug問題還是沒解決幾次的更新次數減少了但是頻率下面依然居高不下遇到狀況跟鏈接完全一樣【ROG8pro,玩遊戲斷觸嚴重】 ,打著直接原地罰站,】 我從6D就遇到這個情況了ROG官方到底修還是不修多次跟你們反應了客服電話打了皇家也跟他...


ROG Phone 7 downgrade

What kind of joke is it that many companies downgrade phones worth Rs 20000 or why are you not downgrading ROG Phone7 worth Rs 70000? Money matters to you people, you people don't care about the customer