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Asus Rog 2

My phone is a Asus rog 2, which I purchased roughly 5 years ago. It was functioning properly until two weeks ago, when it started to cause issues including hangs, screen rendering issues, and auto touch. How can I fix this?  

martyd6 by Level 7
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rog phone 7 external DAC does not work properly

After I changed to rog phone 7, my DAC is not working properly, the DAC light is on, the volume control key is also normal, but there is no sound, the strange thing is that occasionally it will be normal after reinsertion, about ten times it will be ...

yu111 by Level 7
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Hide apps gesture Is there a way to disable the gesture of dragging the screen to access the hidden apps?

Lalapoo by Level 7
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Hey Guys! Just wondering what the problem would be if the screen flickers on and off. I've hard reset-ed it already but it still flickers on and off. Any help would be beneficial. Thanks!

Hosenka by Level 7
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ROG Vision issue

Hi everyone. (Sorry for my poor english) I've got an issue with my ROG VISION (6D Ultimate). All the animation is running, however, there is no infinite loop anymore. There is an annoying blackscreen at the end of every gif (created ones and default ...

Woane by Level 7
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I need some info on the rog6 pro what is included with phone. Is the black game pad compatible. Also when it will be available again. On another not the rog6 Batman edition is it compatible with the cooler and game pad also?

Rogphone 6 Screen issue

My rog phone 6 pro's screen  is automatically getting blank while using outdoors. After getting indoors only it's getting on. Background sound and notifications are coming. It's an Indian variant. Im using it in powersaving mode. Any other members fa...

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