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How to Get Extreme Polling Rates on Two Devices

The introduction of the ROG Omni Receiver brought you the ability to connect a second device to a single wireless receiver. The new upgraded hardware also laid the foundations for SpeedNova Technology...


ROG Virtual Keyboard Makes Assigning Keys Easier

When assigning or reassigning keys, sometimes it's necessary to utilize a virtual keyboard, especially on TKL (tenkeyless) or ultra compact keyboards such as the ROG Azoth or Falchion series. When you...


ROG SPEEDNOVA Wireless Technology

Max Speed ROG SpeedNova technology takes wireless performance to a whole other level. By streamlining each and every step within the protocol and algorithm, as well as refining data packet size and f...


Armoury Crate Gear is Now Available

If you do not want a full installation of Armoury Crate, now there's an alternative. Armoury Crate Gear is a compact version, which is all you need if you only want to connect an ROG keyboard or mouse...


Upgrade to the ROG Omni Receiver

The ROG Omni Receiver allows wireless connections to two compatible devices without compromising performance. The ROG Strix Scope II 96 Wireless is the first keyboard to offer compatibility out-of-the...


ROG Spatha X Rapid Fire

Hello fellow ROG gamers,I recently got the ROG Spatha X mouse and out of the box, there's no denying it's an excellent choice for playing games. I'd like to share how to use a neat feature it possesse...


Guide: ROG Falchion Touch Panel

Hello fellow ROG gamers,If you have an ROG Falchion you may have noticed and even used the touch panel for volume control, but did you know it can do much more? It can help make using apps/programs mo...


Keys to the Features - ROG Strix Flare

To help get you familiar with the ROG Strix Flare, here’s a quick reference so you can learn all the hotkeys in just a few minutes.Feature-packed keyboards often go through their entire existence with...