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Audio Cutting Out via HDMI

6750 XT OCP8Z77-V Proi7 3770k16gb Ram880w PSUWindows 10 Prowas previously running a RX 480, but I’m using a 55 LG TV for my monitor.  I’m not too concerned about response times and such, I’m a casual gamer, SnowRunner, Truck Sims, etc so all I’m afte...

Resolved! Diablo 4 redemption issues

I bought an Asus TUF 4080 OC from a local reseller here in Australia (Scorptec/scorpion technology) on the 19th of May and after keying the details of the card, uploading the receipt, I received an email saying that the card was ineligible for the Di...

Keljian by Level 7
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Asus rtx 4070 dual power draw

Hi ,The power limit on this card is 200w + 8% = 216w (108% power limit in Afterburner) .The card never draws more than 200w in games and benchmarks .It lowers voltage and frequency to stay under this limit .The card only has 1x 8 pin connector .Is it...

Problem with Video Card support with uefi

Hey ,got the following problem:While boot up the Bios shows the following error:Your videocard is not fully supported by uefi.Found out the problem  has to do with the monitor:If I start the system and active the monitor after it, it will show the Er...

Rx 5700 xt rog strix no detectada

Recientemente me compre la Rx 5700xt rog strix oc 8gb y instale el armory crate, sin ningún problema no me tira ningún error, pero cuando voy al apartado Sync aura, me dice q no detecta ningún dispositivo, mi placa solo está con color rojo y prende y...

X670E with Gigabyte RTX 4080

Hi,Recently got X670E EGaming and Gigabyte Gaming OC 4080. Everything is working fine. Like it boots up etc.But in BIOS i cant seem to find GPU Anywhere!My SpecsAMD 7950X3D - X670E E Gaming Wifi - RTX 4080 -  GSkill 16X2 DDR5 6000MHZ Ram - Connected ...

Asus ROG strix rtx 4070 oc edition (Black Screen)

Hello, I apologize in advance for my English. I bought this graphics card a month ago. I was building a brand new computer. I won't list the components here because I don't think it's important. Problem - When I turn on the computer, the white LED on...

RGB NVLink Bridge

Anyone with the ROG NVlink in 3 or 4 slot, how do you control the RGB if you can? Assumed it would just mirror whatever MoBo RGB settings are, but it hasn't. Thoughts? Thanks, Kelynn  id