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Resolved! NO Post No BIOS on ProArt 4080 Super

I just installed a brand new GPU in my PC and it simply doesn't get any video on POST or in BIOS.If I leave the machine to work, it will boot into Windows and everything works.My concern is that it doesn't stay consistent, sometimes when I shutdown, ...

ROG 3080 tiGPU fan not turning off when idle.

Hello everyone.Firs of all,  I apologize for my bad English. I have an Asus ROG 3080 Tİ GPU. Even though the 0DB feature of the card is turned on, the fans dont stop when the system is idle.%53 fan rules rotate steadily It is the latest version of BI...

RGB on ROG STRIX 1080TI not working

my gtx 1080ti's rgb isnt working, i am aware about the issue where only some of the lights light up but in this case non light up. only for a split second, the RGB on the backplate lights up but then turns off immediately, pls help

ASUS RTX 4070 Ti ROG STRIX OC Crashing

Hi Dear Staffs & Users. My System Config Is : Mb Asus B760 Plus D4 - Cpu i5 13500 - Ram x2 16GB 3200 - Pwr MSI MAG A850GF.My Graphic Card Was Palit RTX 3090 GameRock . with my last graphic ( 3090 ) my system worked very well and without any problem.A...

ROG STRIX 4070 : Armory crate and RGB control

Hey, anyone else having this issue since updating to the latest version or armory crate?My 4070 dosen't show up anymore in aura sync:Also, the dedicated page for the gpu dosen't work it says that the gpu dosen't have a device page! The card itself is...

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Re: ROG STRIX RTX 4090 OC Black Screen Flickering

I've got a brandy new ROG Strix 4090 OC White I purchased 2 days ago and have been experiencing the same flickering issue with no additional  OC applied.  I have found that by installing the Asus GPU Tweak III software and adjusting GPU voltage up  +...