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RTX 4080 Super u-turn/pcie - Help Needed!

Hi, i recently built a pc for the first time. i'm not super tech savvy, and am struggling with some issues. i got a rtx 4080 super gpu, which is extremely large in my case and doesnt allow me to plug my cables in from my psu and also close my case. t...

traddos by Level 7
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Thermal Throttling on my 3090 TUF OC

When buying a 3090 I know it would get hot but not so hot.During gaming at 1440p low settings, it permanently throttles at 104°C.Even when I open the case and set a table fan directed ate the GPU.The fps stays above 50 but I'm concerned that this red...

Nonnemo by Level 7
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Strix 4070 Ti Super wrong RGB cycle

Hello. Does anyone know how to fix wrong RGB setup on my gpu? Instead of standard RGB cycle my gpu has GBR which means: red color is green, green is blue, and blue is red. Also, if I set static color cycle for example simply red, its green on the hal...

Resolved! ROG RTX 4070 Ti doesnt appear in Armoury Crate

Hello as stated in the title i have the following problem: I just installed my ROG STRIX RTX 4070 TI OC in my PC and for some reason it doesnt show up in Armoury Crate and i dont know why. I also have a Rog Maximus hero in my pc, which appears in Arm...

dommas by Level 8
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Resolved! NO Post No BIOS on ProArt 4080 Super

I just installed a brand new GPU in my PC and it simply doesn't get any video on POST or in BIOS.If I leave the machine to work, it will boot into Windows and everything works.My concern is that it doesn't stay consistent, sometimes when I shutdown, ...

ROG 3080 tiGPU fan not turning off when idle.

Hello everyone.Firs of all,  I apologize for my bad English. I have an Asus ROG 3080 Tİ GPU. Even though the 0DB feature of the card is turned on, the fans dont stop when the system is idle.%53 fan rules rotate steadily It is the latest version of BI...

RGB on ROG STRIX 1080TI not working

my gtx 1080ti's rgb isnt working, i am aware about the issue where only some of the lights light up but in this case non light up. only for a split second, the RGB on the backplate lights up but then turns off immediately, pls help