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1 long and 3 short signals

Hello.At me today at reboot the speaker issued one long and three short signals thus after a signal post AA and on the screen there is no signal.With what it can be connected?What does 1 long and 3 short signals mean?After that, I took out the graphi...

Rampage V extreme Compatible with 16GB Ram sticks?

My PC right now has Rampage V Extreme as the motherboard and Core i7 5930K as the CPU. I know the motherboard supports up to 64GB RAM, but I found a kit of 32GB, that consists of two 16GB Sticks (HyperX Predator 3000MHZ CL15 HX430C15PB3K2/32). My cur...

Intel Management Engine - This Platform Is Not Supported.

Greetings,My problem is hopefully a simple one. I have not been able to install the Intel Management Engine Interface on my computer since Firmware update 1102. I have no idea why.I have attempted to install the release version of MEI which returns t...

ASUS Rampage V Extreme - Port Multiplier

Hello Comunity,I wanna know wether my ASUS Rampage V Extreme Mainboard supports a Port Multiplier or not.I red about the properties  of the Intel X99 Express Chipset and the ASMedia 106SE ( I think), but I couldn't find a cleear answer and the more I...

Just some food for thought

Some good reading: http://www.win-raid.com/t2f23-Intel-R-RST-RSTe-Drivers-newest-v-v-WHQL-33.html...Post # 510 about updating to the newest OROM version:It's not a problem of ASUS, but of every OEM, that buys a BIOS platform code from independent BIO...

RickROG by Level 11
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128GB DDR4 Memory Setup For Rampage V Extreme

The Haswell-E platform and DDR4 standard opened up a door to new possibilities in regards to memory capacity. With the availability of high-performance X99 motherboards with 8 memory slots and 16GB memory modules, we find ourselves at the threshold o...

57035 57036 57037 57038
Chino by Level 15
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Rampage V Edition 10 Not posting BIOS LED blinking

Hi! Good day everyone. I need help. My motherboard RVEX suddenly shut down. MB LEDs were off even the PSU is plugged and switched ON. I was surprised since the LEDs should light up when the PC is off but plugged. However, what I can only see are the ...

Q-Code 76, Red CPU led & Flashing PCIe 4?

I've been running fine for months. CPU is under water and clocked to 4.3Ghz.(tested Prime stable)This morning, all of a sudden I can't boot and see this:Q-Code 76, Red CPU led & Flashing PCIe 4(I only have a card in PCIe 1)I can't even get to the BIO...

biship by Level 7
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rog rampage v extreme running 2 nvme

i have a rog rampage extreme v and i had 2 nvme and i had 1 pci mvme adapter that took 1 nvme then i got another nvme so i bought a 4 slot nvme pci adapter and i put both in it i tryd alot of things and i could only ever get it to run 1 nvme so befor...

Fangn by Level 7
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