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Resolved! Charging problem

After the last bios update i've noticed that my Rog Ally stops charging after about 30mins of playing any game on Turbo mode...The device gets too much hotOnly goes back to charging after i cool it in front of the AC or restarting the deviceNotice th...

Resolved! BIOS 338. Problem with Charger Asus rog ally

Hello! I've encountered an issue with my Asus ROG Ally (2023). Yesterday, I started a game, and after about 1-2 hours of gameplay, something happened that hadn't occurred before the 338 BIOS update. My console stopped charging. The device no longer r...

NarzOo by Level 8
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Adapter problem

Hi Rog Ally After a few minutes after connecting to charging, it goes to battery mode and it does not use the charging mode of the deviceCould it be a hardware problem? Changing the battery settings did not solve the problem (Battery Care) please hel...

XG Mobile 2022 issues shut down

I have a Rog Ally and I bought the XG Mobile 2022, when I play in 1440p I start the game and it only lasts about 10 minutes and it shuts down. Already install the drivers that the product page says, the Rog Ally is updated with recent drivers and the...

Ciro by Level 7
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Slow gaming console

Recently added an SD card to Azus Rogue Ally, and experiance an extreme slow system. After finding a post suggesting to remove the SD Card, it regained its speed, but now I dont have the game I was playing because the SD car was removed. Is there an ...

olsd84 by Level 7
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Hi I’m on bios 338 and keep having problems with charging. I have to do a system diagnostics to kick the fans in then it start charging again. Anyone else having this problem?