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Resolved! asus rog strix scope rx tkl wireless slow charging

I got my keyboard yesterday and it's battery was %51. I charged it like 4 hours (2 hours with my phone charger, 2 hours with laptop via original cable). But it went up to %81. In armoury software it shows fully charged battery image but says %81 char...

rog chakram not visible in armory crate

Hello I don't know when the mouse was updated, but now it does not display in armory, I uninstalled the driver and the application updated it, it does not display in wired/wireless. :mad:

Resolved! Asus ROG Claymore II charging Stuck at 25%

Hi. My Asus Claymore won't charge over 25%. I've read the forums and the manuals but the FN+F12 does not seem to do the trick for me. It shows that the Keyboard is wired and says that its charging but no result.

Mirkko by Level 7
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Resolved! Angle Snapping broken/does nothing in Win 11

As the title says, but a bit misleading cause sometimes it works. As of right now it does not and it's quite annoying, I've done the classic reinstall Armoury Crate and drivers; even reinstalled Windows 11 a month ago. It's quite busted, but even whe...

PUGIO II RF 2.4GHz issue

So I have this dongle issue with this product that I just recently bought. Everything goes smoothly at first without installing the Armoury Crate software that is used to configure the mouse. I've tried updating the software from the latest up-to-dat...

Datanam_0-1686061457788.png Datanam_2-1686061786000.png
Datanam by Level 7
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Cannot install software for Xonar U7 MK II [Resolved]

Hi,I have recently purchased an asus xonar u7 mk2 external sound card, but what ever I do I cannot get the drivers downloaded from the asus site to install. Windows 10 (pro) actually detects the card I can see it in device manager, it even has sound,...

RHorv by Level 7
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Issue with keys repeating

I have an ASUS ROG FALCHION M601wireless keyboard and a few times per day the keyboard just decides to repeat keystrokes (even happened while typing this). Sometimes it's just ones sometimes it spams it until I press something else. It's very disrupt...

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