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PG32UCDM black screen during game sessions!!

So i am having this issue since the day i bought the monitor. At first it was happening during a certain game,the callisto protocol. Now it is happening also in Destiny 2. As i am playing these games with HDR on,after some time the screen goes black ...

240Hz not available on PG32UCDM

Hello, I am currently unable to utilize 240hz on my PG32UCDM. It's just not available in the Nvidia control panel nor the windows display options.I'm running the latest firmware (MCM103) on Windows 10, 64bit.I've utilized both HDMI and DP cables that...

no-240hz-2.PNG display-driver-installed.PNG no-240hz.PNG
grglfro by Level 8
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PG27AQDM HDR looks bad with Orange colours

I've had the monitor for around a month now, Firmware 105 fixed the blown-out skin tones which was great, but one issue that seems to still persist is how poorly Orange colours are handled in HDR, specifically at 6500K Colour Temp. They either appear...

IMG_4550.png IMG_4549.png IMG_4551.png
Joshy25 by Level 9
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PG27AQDM and MC106 firmware

This is new update coming last 20 may:MCM106 can cover any past FW versionWhat's New:1.Added OLED Anti-Flicker function that can reduce the flickering phenomenon caused by significant fluctuations in the screen refresh rate.Bug Fixed:1.Addressing com...

MasaQre by Level 7
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Please ASUS... this problem needs to be fixed. The 6500k HDR issue still isn't fixed in MCM106, despite waiting for months. This is a seriously issue that affects daily use. The orange colour is broken and turned to purple/ grey compared to 8200k mod...

IMG_9212.JPG IMG_9213.JPG
RexCW by Level 9
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PG32UCDM HDR Color Saturation

Can this be unlocked? I'm on the Beta 104 Firmware and the brightness seems a lot better, but the color seems washed out for my tastes - I'd prefer this be adjustable in HDR mode like it is in SDR when similar monitors provide this functionality. Thi...

PG32UCDM Console Mode HDR issue

My and other's PG32UCDM monitors have a clipping issue on PC when using the console HDR mode in Windows 11. Currently, the monitor clips at 450 nits in the Maximum Luminance window but it clips correctly in the Max Full Frame Luminance window. Is the...

Adjustable color temperature in HDR on PG32UCDM

Hi, I am very pleased with my PG32UCDM, but I am slightly annoyed with the discrepancy in color temperatures between the SDR and HDR modes.In SDR mode, I have it set to 6500K and I am satisfied with it. However, when switching to HDR, the temperature...


 Anyone have the same issue when I plug in the usb upstream cable this usb port reset failed alert showed up,and sometimes the keyboard I pluged into the moniter eosen't work. any solution ?#PG34WCDM #ROG SWIFT PG34WCDM#PG34WCDM #OLED

Jonasen by Level 8
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