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Can someone help me with my Motherboard?

I recently got a problem with my motherboard. I have an Asus "Rog Maximus IX Hero."  It was working a couple months ago, until I decided to replace my old case with a new one. After the change (which I did; I've worked with PCs before), I turned on t...

Z270i BIOS FOR FOR I9 9900K

Hello guys i have the z270i  with  i7 7700k to 5Gz overclock, i love my pc and i want to upgrade it can you please release a new bios driver to support  I9 9900K

Motivo by Level 7
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Mouse and keyboard only working while in BIOS

I've spent the last 2 hours or so troubleshooting and I've run out of ideas. I turned the computer off last night, and when I turned it back on today, I was getting no response from keyboard or mouse on the login screen. (Windows 11). Turned the comp...

Resolved! RGB Lighting on Z270F stays on after shutdown

I have a Z270F and it's RGB stays on after windows is shutdown. I Googled and two solutions were there, one where you have option in Bios and second through Armoury Crate. I went into Bios and it only has option of Enabled / Disabled so cant do anyth...

lazers by Level 7
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Group - I have a brand new Z270M-PLUS with a brand new i7-7700 that won't do anything; no POST, nothing on a monitor screen, no beeps at turn on from a known working speaker connected to MONO_OUT. At MB power on (before use of the ON pushbutton) a sm...

MickH by Level 7
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help about support m2 memory

Does my motherboard asus  ROG MAXIMUS IX HERO support kingston NV2 SSD (SNV2S)Product linkhttps://www.kingston.com/en/support/technical/products/snv2s

nma931 by Level 7
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Bios update ASUS Maximus VIII HERO HELP!!!

Hello, im trying to get my motherboard working. It gets stuck with q code 70 with BOOT_DEVICE-LED on and CPU_LED on. Is this normal while updating bios? also, I’ve waited all night for the bios to finish downloading but no avail. What Ive tried: -Res...

I need some help, clear CMOS button always Lit?

Hello,I recently got the Maximus IX hero, and was messing around in the UEFI/BIOS. I accidentally overclocked my ram too high and the computer wouldnt even post, so I decided to clear the CMOS with the button on the I/O panel on the back of the mothe...

mr_palm by Level 7
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