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My pc crashing

Hello everyone, i have problem to my pc,when i want start i click startup button, after when i see motherboard logo(asus) is crashed and then automatically restarting and restarting. I do not know what can i do…i have i3 9100f rx580 armor 4gb h310 m-...

Saving BIOS settings?

I've been missing the option to save my changes in BIOS settings, but i can't seem to find it. Is it not an option or is this a stupid question because i can't find it? :cool:

MatG by Level 7
  • 11 replies
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Z390-I Random reboots under load RMA?

Hello everyone!I'm in need of some help, as I'm out of ideas.I'm having random reboots when under load (no blue screen, just a brief freeze, and a reboot).I can reproduce the issue easily when running Prime95 (small FFT), within 10 minutes it will re...

ASchiavi by Level 7
  • 15 replies
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Q Code 99 issue and how I solved it.

This is my first high endish gaming computer, my old Asus G51 was not playing games on high or even medium well anymore so I decided to upgrade and thats what leads to this post. Here is my setup. VIII Hero MotherboardI5-6600KGskill 32Gb Ram 4x8WD 1...

EVGA GeForce RTX 3090 Ti

I bought a Evga GeForce Rtx 3090 and have a Maximus Hero Xi z390 motherboard. I cannot get the board to recognize the video card. The fans work and everything else works. I have a 900w power supply, so plenty big for the card. Anyone else have this p...


Hello,Anyone experienced the following with the mentioned board:After 6/10 system starts my system don't see the LAN adapter or my mouse at all. I need to restart the system or replug my mouse to solve the issue. I've experienced the mouse connection...

theprob by Level 7
  • 1483 replies
  • 11 kudos

Z390 switching audio output doesn't work

I have z390-i gaming switching to other audio output like from speakers to headphones and in opposite doesn't work!!! I uninstalled SS3 and all nahimic components since it can cause performance issues and is garbage... Previously it was working! Any ...

empleat by Level 8
  • 0 replies
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Very persistent z87 motherboard fan issue.

I have an older motherboard, sabertooth z87. Recently I had to replace my PSU, reinstall windows and ever since my motherboard fans have gone whack.The assistant fan 1 is going on full turbo all the time (8000rpm) and the noise of it is driving me cr...

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