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ROG PG48UQ noise

After updating the firmware, the speakers make noise all the time only if DisplayPort connection. If I turn off the speakers the noise is gone.

Romzess by Level 7
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I fixed the PGG27UQ Fan noise...

After using the monitor for close to a year, it has gotten to the point where the fans speed up and slow down constantly. My monitor is perfect, no backlight bleed or dead pixels so instead of submitting for an RMA and getting another panel. I decide...

TrevorR by Level 8
  • 9 replies
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Guide to Asus Device Forums

In this thread, we will provide a short Q&A for your stay on this forum. Please read thoroughly and act accordingly. While most that is needed to know is pointed out in the Forum Rules, history shows that some points of these rules are not clearly un...

XG17AHPE Cannot turn off

Hey guys,I've bought XG17AHPE few months ago and few times I can't turn it off. It's like stuck. Video input is disconnected, backlight of screen is on, LED Logo on back is on. Since this is battery powered screen I can't unplug it from the wall. Is ...

PG43UQ IR Remote Control Stopped Working

My newly purchased PG43UQ has been working great, the IR remote control was working fine until suddenly now it no longer seems to function at all.The light on the remote flashes bright red, then dimmed red a few times when you press a button. No menu...

nayab9 by Level 7
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