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Please select proper boot device

 Hello I've been having this problem for a little while. Sometimes it boots into windows just fine but in most cases I get the message "please select a proper boot device" recently changed my motherboard from a Msi b650 gaming wifi to Asus rogue Stri...

Rkololz by Level 1
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Rog Strix G15 (G513QY) Advantage Problems

To cut to the chase, my RogStrix G15 Advantage G513QY laptop (SN beginning with N2) has been completely turning off randomly when I play games, not just high demand ones but any at all including ones like Roblox. This has happened once or twice every...

ROG Strix SCAR 18 2024 FPS Issues

Anyone else with this laptop have issues with inconsistent performance? Like for example I load up Re4 remake easily hitting the 240 fps at menus and about 180 sustained in game. Close it and open it again and it will struggle to even hit 40fps on me...

kolly by Level 7
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SDD and RAM Upgrade recommendation G614JV

I have an assus Roge model G614JC with Intel core i9 512Gb SDD and 16 RAM, I want to update it, installing a second 4TB SDD and 64G RAM, would you please recommend the SDD and RAM that best work with my equipment? Thank you in advance. 

ASUS ROG G15 AE 2021 2500 GPU score in Time Spy

One month ago my laptop used to shut down after 2 hours of gaming in Elden Ring. So about 3 weeks ago I decided to change the metal liquid and the pads and I did cleaned the fans.Also I did reinstalled windows too.Now I can barely launch Elden Ring a...

cekar by Level 7
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Still missing Nvidia Options on G834JY

Made a thread a while ago last year but it got closed. I am still missing options like DSR factors, Nvidia Image scaling and interestingly Resizable bar which apparently is available on some scar 28 models. I have the 2023 Scar 18 4090 variant and so...