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AGESA ComboAM4v2 PI 1.2.0.A for Asus GA35

There has been a new Security bulletin released from AMD  : and a new AGESA version PI 1.2.0.A .  For most of the Asus mainboard it's all ready released . Can the support t...

Eva-02 edition

1. Is the asus Eva-02 edition covered by world warranty?2. Can I buy it from Amazon in the U.S. and get a repair service in Korea?3. Can ryujin iii 360 coolers purchased from Amazon receive leak insurance service in Korea?

KO_eva by Level 7
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Eva_02 series?

Eva_02 시리즈의 판매 일정을 알 수 있습니까?  랜덤 출시 일정을 참을 수 없습니다.

KO_eva by Level 7
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Aura Creator files corrupted.

Hello, Title says it all. When I attempt to edit a layer Aura Creator vanishes. (These files were fine since creation from release of Aura Creator.) I then try to import my profiles & am greeted with "the file is corrupted and must be deleted" I am c...

Questions about 'Gaming Brand' desktop PC's (ASUS)

Do 'Gaming Brand' packet PC desktops have quality components? For example does an ASUS ROG PC's always have ASUS brand GPU and otherwise reliable components?. Do the PC's have "Stock Cooling" for CPU or more advanced 3rd party cooling? What about the...

Removing video card from G35DX-DHR790

I'm trying to remove the video card from the computer in order to install a second nvme drive. I however cannot figure out how I'm supposed to remove the screws holding the card in place as they not flush with the outest most part of the case. Any id...

ArwenD by Level 7
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GT15cf Ram upgrade

I have only 8gb ram, i do have 4xddr4 U-DIMM slots, what should i get to upgrade to 64 gb. i am told the max i can use is 64?