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Flaky Keyboard Keys

I don't have much to complain about the G75, it's freaking awesome. Even though I fell victim to Asus live update utility trying to update both USB3.0 drivers and the quick charge drivers w/o reboot which broke USB. Sub-woofer issue doesn't bother m...

Niples by Level 7
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Weird blue thing ( Like a GUM)

Hello,So I was cleaning my fans filters , when I noticed like a blue gum thing in the middle of the laptop, Has anyone seen this or ??Thanks for your help !And that's another photo from google too ...

nss by Level 7
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Another Briked G75

I know there's a lot of post about bricked notebooks who update their BIOS. I'm here just to ask some questions and cry a little. First, my note is stucked in the black screen, but the backlight of keyboard is responsive to Ctrl+Home function, the li...

Jihilian by Level 7
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Damn 3d emitter not working......

hello everyonei just bought a G53sx.3d display, core i7 -2670, 16gb ram,gtx560 2 the first thing i wanted to test was 3d vision and guess what ,its not working!!!!!!its because of emitter not turning on!i searched this forum upside down ,and tr...

Charger making weird sound

I noticed this only recently but whenever the charger is plugged at both ends (into the laptop + into external power socket)it makes a subtle but constant buzzing noise, as if a tiny little fan is spinning inside making slight screeching noise. whene...

skyrider by Level 7
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G75VX + 220w psu + OC = Need more power

Long story short i maxed out the stock 180w pretty fast switched to the spare 230w and again maxed that out so i will be looking for a 330w here shortly to finish my bench runs.Few things even when the system was getting full power before i passed th...

Extend G75VW battery life?

I'm now a happy owner of G75VW. It came w/ no defects and I'm so happy about it. i have read many threads about defects and many problem about their G75s and thank God mine has no defect Its fast, responsive i cant see any cons. i just want to know...

Bryan123 by Level 7
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How to Calibrate your laptop smart battery.

How to Calibrate your laptop smart battery. Hope this procedure will help you with keeping up your battery health.1. Plug the AC adapter into an electrical outlet and connect it to your laptop until battery is fully charged.2. Once the battery is 100...