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ASUS ROG STRIX SCAR (2022) Screen issue

I had bought this Strix Scar 15 3070Ti 2022 version about 2 months, and I had found out this issue on last week. Is this screen bleeding issue? I always traveling around and wonder that the screen is broken due to recently I had put a lot of thing in...

Weird blue thing ( Like a GUM)

Hello,So I was cleaning my fans filters , when I noticed like a blue gum thing in the middle of the laptop, Has anyone seen this or ??Thanks for your help !And that's another photo from google too ...

nss by Level 7
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GL504GM bios 314

Hi allAny notes on bios 314 as windows update has it queued for my laptop. I know bios 312 had locked out undervolting which I use, so I ended up reverting back to 311.Is undervolting still locked out on 314 ?Thanks

Another Briked G75

I know there's a lot of post about bricked notebooks who update their BIOS. I'm here just to ask some questions and cry a little. First, my note is stucked in the black screen, but the backlight of keyboard is responsive to Ctrl+Home function, the li...

Jihilian by Level 7
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Damn 3d emitter not working......

hello everyonei just bought a G53sx.3d display, core i7 -2670, 16gb ram,gtx560 2 the first thing i wanted to test was 3d vision and guess what ,its not working!!!!!!its because of emitter not turning on!i searched this forum upside down ,and tr...

Charger making weird sound

I noticed this only recently but whenever the charger is plugged at both ends (into the laptop + into external power socket)it makes a subtle but constant buzzing noise, as if a tiny little fan is spinning inside making slight screeching noise. whene...

skyrider by Level 8
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G75VX + 220w psu + OC = Need more power

Long story short i maxed out the stock 180w pretty fast switched to the spare 230w and again maxed that out so i will be looking for a 330w here shortly to finish my bench runs.Few things even when the system was getting full power before i passed th...

Extend G75VW battery life?

I'm now a happy owner of G75VW. It came w/ no defects and I'm so happy about it. i have read many threads about defects and many problem about their G75s and thank God mine has no defect Its fast, responsive i cant see any cons. i just want to know...

Bryan123 by Level 7
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