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Adding RAM to G75

Hello I'm new to these forums so sorry if there is already a thread on this. I have a G75VW-BBK5 (bought from Bestbuy) It currently has 8 gigs of RAM and I am planning on adding more to get 16 gigs of RAM, I Don't know too much about the speeds and b...

Odd problem with DVD-RW on g74s

Hi guys.I got an Asus G74S with an Slimtype BD E DS4E1S the problem started a few moths ago.I cant say i did something special and i didnt even use the DvD-RW much.I burned like 10 DVDs or so and i used it for like a total of 50 ...

sabin by Level 7
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***SOLVED*** G75VW Reboot after Hibernation

Hullos all!I've posted about my problems with my G75VW rebooting 10 mins after resuming from hibernation here: have finally found a solution that works for me:It's as...

Fangrim by Level 9
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G74sx CD/DVD Drive Malfunction, Windows doesn't Recognize

Hey everyone, Yet another problem with my G74sx, seems like it's getting worse and worse. My CD/DVD Drive does not appear in Windows Explorer. It will not read any CD or DVD that is inserted into the tray. I have tried:BIOS Upgrade (v. 203)BIOS Ena...

Carvs by Level 7
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G75 - Speakers making a static noise

Hey Guys,I recently bought a g75 and had to exchange it twice now from other issues. i'm on my third g75 no and the speakers are making a strange static noise. The best example is when I double click a folder in windows 7, you know how normally it ma...

G75VW Windows 8 Audio Drivers for subwoofer

Hello,it is really nice that the windows 8 drivers for the G75VW are out now. Everything except the subwoofer is working now. is a windows 8 version of the audio drivers in development ? and is there any timeframe in which we can expect them?many tha...

krazun by Level 7
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G53JW Sleeping While Gaming - Overheat?

I was looking to see if anyone had any suggestions here.After gaming for about 1.5 - 2 hours (estimated) in games like Battlefield 3 and SW: The Old Republic, my laptop will randomly go into what seems like sleep mode: everything quiets down, fans tu...

Dezaryn by Level 7
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G75VW Keyboard BackLight Won't Turn On

About a month ago something broke on my G75VW So I sent it in for repairs because it's still under warranty. I got it back working like new they said it was either a video card failure or a MOBO failure. They weren't sure but they replaced both of th...

Andrew74 by Level 7
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ASUS G74SX USB 3.0 Issues

I've been having problems with my Rocketfish USB 3.0 2.5' enclosure. When plugged into the USB 3 port of the G74SX after very little usage (especially during a HDTune test) it disconnects and reconnects rendering any transfer impossible (beyond a few...

Retired by Not applicable
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