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[SOLVED] GL503GE BIOS version 317 downgrade

Dear Fellas!I am writing this post, because I am for now quite desperate about downgrading a GL503GE's BIOS from 319 to 317 version, but I haven't found the 317 version anywhere.The laptop's performance and temperatures are really need ThrottleStop, ...

Grabps by Level 8
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G17 G712LV fans continue to run in sleep mode

Hello! Recently purchased this laptop model - G17 G712LV.Faced the fact that when going into sleep mode, fans continue to work. Also continue to blink the hard drive LED indicator. The screen goes off and the keyboard backlight turns off too. In this...

ROG Strix Scar 17 / 19-12900h + 3080Ti HOT

Just got my new 2022 model ROG Strix Scar 17 wih i9-12900h + 3080Ti mobile.The CPU seems to be running very hot, even if i set the laptop on silent mode AND limit the cpu frequency to 99% power profile, it is still running around 85-90 celcius keepin...

JHR1979 by Level 7
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ROG STRIX GL502VM Battery charger Blue screen issue

I have some problems going on with my gaming laptop, all of which resulting of getting a BSOD at the end of each one. One of the events that cause this most of all is when I've plugged in my charger, it starts to freeze up and Blue screen as a result...

Rog Strix Scar II GL704GW Keyboard start up issues

Hello guys, I have a GL704GW. For some time now i've had an issue with the keyboard, after I shut down the computer and turn it on again (either immediately or after a few hours) the keyboard won´t work, neither the light from the turn on/off button ...

ajrentz by Level 7
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GL702VM Thunderbolt not working

Hi.I have a GL 702VM and it have a thunderbolt-3 port (usb-c) but everytime i put a disk or dockingstation on it my laptop freezes, i have to hold the powerbutton to shutdown.And if i have anything connected to the port on startup it wont start.I h...

Smurfie by Level 7
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