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Installing an SSD in my G73SW

Im deploying to baghdad for 6 months in October leaving my desktop behind which has a OCZ Vertex 3 120gb Max IOPS SSD which I love btw. Can I install it into my G73SW and use it at its full potential? Also Ive looked on youtube and multiple forums wi...

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Asus G74SX and repair(screen prob)

Hi guys im new to the forums. ok, so this is my concern. I bought a G74SX, which had a faulty screen I guess. Cause a large pink line covered the whole screen. So had to RMA it. and now the laptop is back, was super fast support and all. the laptop g...

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I'm having a problem cloning my hard drive

I just bought a new hard drive to replace the one in my g73jh. and use the pre installed drive as a storage drive. I installed the new hd in the second bay and used Acronis to clone it using automatic cloning. It says it will make it bootable but it ...

ASUS G73 JW Memory issues - Extremely annoying

Hello dear fellas!I just restored my notebook to it's orignial state via the recovery CD's.two problems occured and I think they are linked.My memory went from 1333mhz to 1066 mhz, and it's giving me random freezes while in game/desktop/watching movi...

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