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Why does my G531GW sound like it has a 5,400rpm hard disk?

Level 7
I noticed this almost immediately but in recent days it's playing havoc. My laptop is making the electrical noise equivalent of what a 5,400rpm drive would make when maxed out. Something in between a hardrive and a 56k modem actually. OK, it's not that loud but louder than the fans. I can temporarily clear the problem by recycling fan speed from Silent to Balanced and back again to Silent. The cure lasts anywhere between 5-30 mins.

Anybody have the same?

Level 7
Hey nadimaj , i dont have your model laptop, almost many of the laptop comes with 5400rpm hdd , i suspected your diskdrive is inside the HDD is giving problems , so the HDD needs for proper analysis by opening it .

i have two hdds one is 2TB and other is 1TB , one M.2 ssd sata on vivobook R542UQ-DM153 with X542UQ.309 bios , no sound is hdd , no hangs , no lags , no bsods
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Because your model can come with a SSHD. Look at the following specs:

Please provide your laptop's complete part number so it can be determined whether you have a model that has a SSHD.
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No, it was coil whine. A problem that still exists on the latest models of Asus ROG laptop.

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Asus purpose is to be use for Education, taking up Architecture.  I choose ASUS configuration as advised by the professor.  Actually not want ASUS, I'd rather use MacBook Pro but since it is suggested by the professor i take ASUS.

Now using ASUS, after 2 years and 1 day, the machine black out and according to the service center due to LCD problem and needs to be repalced.  I bought one more ROG machine then after 3 months of 1 year warranty, so the machine is just around 15 months, again we encounter a black out and a problem on motherboard.  Both machine is not being used on a day to day basis, maybe just the most 3 days in a week for only around 4 hours and just using Microsoft Word or Browser.  Both machines were not used for gaming and even for Graphics for architecture.

With these, I can say ASUS IS A LEMON MACHINE.

Very frustrating and disppointed and trusted ASUS when it is a LEMON MACHINE.