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Ever since I've had this z97 mobo, the connection has been a mess. Capped speeds, connection gaps, terrible ping and jitter. Just brutal for gaming. Hundreds if not thousands of hours troubleshooting shows this is somehow related to AMDA00 (as unkn...
SOLVED: VRM Spread Spectrum had been disabled for some reason in ALL my OC profiles.. now those mystery temps are ice cold (<50c lol). So the 129c was real !!!!!!!I've been using the same profiles for a few years now and have always dismissed some...
Mic Speaker and Headphones only appear when connected, but Digital Output is always there, even though I've never used a digital device? Why is that and can I get rid of it? Thanks
Hi, I'm not gaming much these days, and I would like to turn off power to my 7970, as it uses 103W at idle, whereas my 4790k and it's integrated HD 4600 GPU max out at 20.7W, avg 8.*W. It seems stupid to waste so much more power on nothing. I'm hop...
So I got Batman Arkham Knight. It was not being cool as that's how it currently rolls, so i decided to throw more powers at it and now it's silk on max gfx (fps limit 120)- with a 7970!I also had to make my pagefile min 512MB max 24402MB to not run o...