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Asus FX516PR 11th Gen Intel Has No Backlight after installing new NVME

Level 7
Hey! 🙂
I have got some issues with my new gaming notebook. First I installed a new NVME drive and wiped all the bloatware etc from the existing 1TB NVME. After a few hours of research I found out on Tiger Lake I first need an IRST driver to get windows to show any nvme ssd. Long story short I fixed the problem and was happy with my shiny new machine 😄 , but now I found out that I should have a green-blueish backlight, that I am not able to turn on. To be exact I have had no backlight at all since I got the laptop.

I did some research and found information on how the solution could be to toggle some switches in Asus Armoury Crate app cause asus has driver issues- I installed "TUF Aura Core" and of course I got all the latest drivers from the asus website too. No success so far. And to get this out of the way too, no I dont have the backlight turned off with FN+F2, I read that this human error is very common :D, so I ruled that out first.

Does anyone have an idea how to get this worked out? I`m playing around with this issue since a few days now and its getting more and more frustrating. I installed. reinstalled and deinstalled various asus apps and drivers, but no success.

Im thankful for every help I can get and hope I`m somehow able to fix this.

Greetings from austria!

Level 7
If you still have the old NVMe and you have a desktop computer that has multiple NVMe slot I suggest you clone the old NVMe into your new one.

Also it is not a good idea to remove the stock ASUS apps as it controls many things (screen and KB back light, FAN, turbo, Power Limit, etc...)