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Asus SonicMaster boot sequence problem

somehow i can't set the HDD of this device to first boot. it only shows USB as boot possibility. there's also is a section where i can set an adres to boot, but not sure what to fill inthere. anyone has a sollution to this?

2021 A15 thermals?

I was wondering if anyone has repasted the A15 at all?I'm tempted to use Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut and maybe the K5 pro on the VRMs and ram chips to improve thermals. Has anyone done any modifications and see any improvements in thermals?I've hit 93c ...

Why not undervolting adapted armory create?

Like i say in tiltle other manufacturer alredy added it as an option but i still have to use my i5 10300 99° celsius degree . Is this my fault to purchase asus product? Please add it i no more like to see thermal throttling.

Mcmrshn by Level 7
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Problem with ASUS TUF FX506LI-HN039T// Blue Screen

Hi, i think i have done all i can, but i still get this blue screen (DPC_WHATCHDOG_VIOLATION). At this point i really don´t know what to do or where i should ask, so i´m kinda desperated. I will make a summary of this in 2 parts, because there´s an i...

Kalas8 by Level 7
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FX505DT-BQ021 Laptop soğutucu fanlar

İyi günler arkadaşlar sorum başlıkta da bulunduğu gibi bu modelde fanların modelleri neden farklı bir bilginiz var mı ? Yani orjinalinde mi böyle yoksa değiştirilmiş mi ?Good day, friends. My question is why the fans in this model are different. Is t...


Asus TUF Dash F15 - W Key, And Razer Driver

Hi All - First time poster and also first time stepping into PC gaming.Recently bought the TUF Dash F15 RTX 3070, which I'm thoroughly enjoying.At first I ran into a fair amount of teething issues, for instance Warzone, Cyberpunk and pretty much all ...

Several TUF A15 (FA506QR) 2021 Model problems

Hi.Is there way to fix / workarounds several problems.power profile has close lid do nothing.1) When I close lid with external display attached and active it goes blank (no mouse or keyb connected not tested with them) 2) when closing lid no external...

Проблема с БИОС

Добрый день. У меня проблема с БИОС. При обновлении БИОС на Ноутбуке Асус TUF Gaming FX505DT-AL218 Ryzen 5-3550H выключился. При включении черный экран, подсветка клавиатуры горит, дальше не грузит. При попытке перепрошить БИОС пишет этапы восстановл...

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FX505DU FPS Drop problem

Hello I have a laptop with Ryzen 3750x and 1660ti Mobile. I have always 40-45fps when i am playing warzone and valorant or cs go same too. I wanted to improve my fps and played with some settings but even i change my settings to the lowest possible(6...