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FX516PR (2021TUF Dash F15 w/ 3070) issues with new vBios

Level 7
hey so after getting the new vBIOS I cant overclock the memory past +300 MHz, when it was stable with no artifacting at +600 before.

Also as soon as the gpu core goes to 71 C it increases fan speed and throttles the gpu to 55 watts. Before it would just increase the fan speed which worked perfectly fine, and this throttling is totally unnecessary. Plus beforehand it still wasn't good that the fans just went from 0 to 100 (as a figure of speak, not literally) after it reaches this threshold (used to be 73 C I think). Since it still cause a wavy fan behavior instead of just settling at some point in the middle.

Just as a suggestion I would really like to see the fans settling at a certain speed, and for the card to be allowed to draw more power up until like 76-80C.
I noticed some interesting behavior where under heavy load the core clock would go down to 380 MHz and the memory would be at 6000 (in P0 for sure).

If I raised the core clocks they wouldn't increase until adding more than +180, then they would increase to the amount set -180, doing this it could be stable up to +280 raising the core clock to 480 MHz, which still isn't good. It's obviously not a cooling issue as the temps are fine and not power since raising the memory allowed for more power to be drawn. However this doesn't happen for core clocks, the power draw just gets limited. This bring a new problem which is that as soon as that heavy load goes away it reverts to the old behavior and the +280 goes from being an effective +100 (which we know is fine from the turbo mode) to being +280, causing a blue screen.

On top of that I found out that even under heavy load, If I reduce memory clocks to 5500, the proper original behavior remains the same, with the core clocks ~1300 MHz.

So basically I'd like to see at least the fan curve issue to be fixed, the added throttling at 71C and the +300 memory limit to be removed to how it was before, and the core clocks getting messed up at heavy load to be fixed.

And If possible, for either the card to have an unlocked voltage/power slider so assuming everything is fixed, someone could just manually OC these like a normal card, since there definitely is temperature headroom and I have gotten it to provide up to 100 watts before (which seems like a human set number, so I'm guessing the power delivery to the card could go even higher)

I think there is a lot of potential with that last one since if a these cards seem to be right on the slope of the power to clocks curve and if someone could add just 10% more power it could mean 20% more clocks.

Level 7

I´m also having a very similar problem with my 2021 TUV A15 (FA506QR) with RTX 3070. After latest bios update (406) I also experienced discrete RTX3070 GPU tuning limitations, for instance in my case before I could also easily overclock the VRAM above +600Mhz with rock solid perfo (afterburner could allow even more if I wanted) and after the update the max vram boost is hard locked to only +300Mhz, afterburner would not allow more then this (and I also tried other tools).

After the "update" I now basically have a worst performing laptop than the one I liked and bought