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ROG Strix SCAR 18 G834JY - RAM Non-ECC problems

Level 8

i9 13980HX 32GBDDR5 2TB SSD (2*1TB) RTX4090 16GB 18" FHD 240Hz


In my configuration, 2x16GB RAM was installed.

I purchased and installed Crucial RAM 64GB Kit (2x32GB) DDR5 4800MHz CL40 CT2K32G48C40S5.

However, the laptop did not turn on when I started it.

The backlight came on, but the screen remained blank, and after a few minutes, the laptop restarted and the same cycle repeated.

It also did not boot into the BIOS.

I also tried installing only one 32GB RAM, but the laptop behaved the same way.

When I returned to the old RAM, everything worked fine, and the computer turned on instantly.

I thought that the RAM might be defective, so I went to the store where I bought the laptop and asked them to check the RAM.

They didn't have a suitable device to test the RAM, but they offered me an installation service.

I agreed.

Unfortunately, the laptop still refused to work with the Crucial RAM 64GB Kit (2x32GB) DDR5 4800MHz CL40 CT2K32G48C40S5, even when installing only one 32GB module.

Then I noticed that they were selling Kingston 32GB DDR5 4800MT/s Non-ECC Unbuffered SODIMM (KVR48S40BD8-32).

I suggested buying 64GB of this RAM if they installed it in my laptop and everything worked properly.

They agreed and installed it.

The laptop behaved exactly the same way as with the Crucial RAM CT2K32G48C40S5, i.e., it didn't turn on and cyclically restarted even when using one 32GB RAM.

The only thing that both Kingston KVR48S40BD8-32 and Crucial CT2K32G48C40S5 have in common is that they are both Non-ECC.

Please advise why the laptop doesn't work with Non-ECC RAM and how to fix this.


Level 8

I set the setting "Core Voltage Offset Configuration = -50" and forgot to reset it.

I reset the BIOS before installing the RAM and everything worked.