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G750JW - Stops between Bios Load and Republic of Gamers Logo?

Level 7
I have an Asus G750JW laptop. Over the past couple of weeks it has started to freeze between the Bios load and ROG logo for the OS to load. It sounds like a freeze during a hardware test. When it freezes only the light bulb and battery lights stay on with the keyboard backlight lit too. Nothing has changed on the laptop hardware or software related before this started happening. When this computer freezes before the ROG logo I can hard power off and restart maybe 20 times before it likes that boot and starts up normally. Has anyone experienced this freeze and startup problem? If so what was the fix for this. I have already tried my spare battery and replacement power supply with no change. I have tried the first three recommended solutions below and don't want to get into reinstalling or resetting Windows. I really don't think that is the issue.

Thanks for the help.



Based on the issue you are experiencing, please follow the steps below to have this issue resolved.

Hard Reset:
Step 1: Please ensure the unit is powered off. Press and hold power button for 8 seconds to be sure (there should be no lights visible).
Step 2: Remove the power cord and all other peripherals inserted into the unit (e.g. mouse, keyboard, etc.).
Step 3: Press and hold the power button for at least 60 seconds.
Step 4: Connect the charger to the unit and press the power button to turn the unit on.
Step 5: Observe to see if the problem persists.

If the steps happen to fail and the issue persist , please try performing a BIOS reset on the device and plug the device into a different power socket. This will not delete any information from the device; it will refresh the motherboard and its components. Here are the steps for the BIOS reset:

Step 1: Please turn off the unit completely.
Step 2: Please turn the unit on and quickly press the F2 key on keyboard to enter BIOS.
Step 3: Please press the F9 key in the BIOS to load optimized defaults and select yes to confirm.
Step 4: Please press the F10 key to save and exit and select yes to confirm.

If the steps above fail, please try the steps below:
Step 1: Please press the Windows key and the letter I or go to settings.
Step 2: Please select Update & Security at the bottom right corner of the screen.
Step 3: Please select Recovery and scroll to the bottom of the screen for the option "Advance Start-Up".
Step 4: Please wait for the Advanced Start-up Options screen.
Step 5: Please select Troubleshoot
Step 6: Please select Advance Options
Step 7: Please select UEFI Firmware Settings
Step 8: Please press the F9 key in the BIOS to load optimized defaults and select yes to confirm.
Step 9: Please press the F10 key to save and exit and select yes to confirm.

If the above steps fail, the next steps we recommend you try at this point would be to reset the device to its factory settings to have this issue resolved.
Ensure the unit is plugged in and please be advised that this may result in the loss of any current settings and data. Please back up all valuable data before proceeding as ASUS will not be liable for any loss of data.

Factory reset
• Navigate to Settings. You can get there by clicking the gear icon on the Start menu.
• Select "Update & security"
• Click Recovery in the left pane.
• Click get started under Reset this PC.
• Click either "Keep my files" or "Remove everything," depending on whether you want to keep your data files intact. Either way, all of your settings will return to their defaults and apps will be uninstalled.
• Select "Just remove my files" or "Remove files and clean the drive" if you chose to "remove everything" in the prior step. Cleaning the drive takes a lot longer but will make sure that, if you are giving the computer away, the next person will have a hard time recovering your erased files. If you are keeping the computer, choose "Just remove my files."
• Click Next if Windows warns you that you won't be able to roll back to a prior version of the OS.
• Click Reset when prompted.