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Guide to decrypt admin level BIOS/UEFI password on newer model with AMI bios

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So I thought I'll just post here in case it may help someone else.

First of all, you should try alt+r method first: How to reset your BIOS UEFI password on a laptop e... - Republic of Gamers Forum - 558113 (

If above method doesn't work for you, then keep reading.

My method only works if:

1) You can go to OS, meaning you only locked out by admin level password.

2) You have an AMI bios, you can check this in your BIOS, or check it in windows (running: win+r, type in MSInfo32, and under the BIOS version you should see something like "American Megatrends Inc")

So first you need to get a dump of the BIOS, you need to go to Custom UEFI/BIOS - Aptio & AMBIOS ( and get the flash tool, I'd try download them all and find out which version you are at. My laptop is TUF FX505 which is Aptio V.

Next execute the exe which should called something like "AFUWINGUIx64". In the Information tab, you should be able to verify your BIOS version by checking "Core Version". Then click Save to save the dump. 

AMI encoded the password in this dump, but you should be able to decrypt it pretty easily. Go to AMITSESetup Decryptor & Unlocker | Alien Server ( and upload your dump (you might need to change file type to all type when uploading it). And that should give you an output txt, which contain the admin level password. 

It's also possible to decrypt it manually as shown in here: Recovering the BIOS password from a Panasonic CF-U1 mk2 (AMI Aptio UEFI) · GitHub or here: Remove Your Bios Password | ASUS Bios Password Decryption (AMI Bios) - YouTube

Or using a python script in here: AMITSESetup Decryptor - Badcaps