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*Fixed(ish)* G814JZ- No panel power saver, panel overdrive, or Asus WinRE after clean install

Level 9

*** Fixed read edit***
Like the title says, I have no panel power saver or panel overdrive in armoury crate, nor do I have Asus WinRE in advanced startup anymore after a clean windows install on my strix g18 4080. Basically, asus smart display control no longer dims the display or drops the frame rate to 60hz when unplugged, I can’t set the display to the lowest latency possible, and there’s no way to restore to factory due to Asus WinRE being missing. Also, there’s no driver available on the manufacturer website to fix it either. 

I’ve already googled the heck out of this and can only find people suggesting to uninstall RefreshRateService and download it from the manufacturer website. Only problem is that there’s no RefreshRateService installed on the computer, nor does it exist on the strix g814jz download page.

As for smart display control, I’ve deleted and re-installed many times to no avail. All I get on install is a few cmd windows opening, then nothing. The app will be in the “apps and programs” list, but doesn’t seem to function at all.

And asus WinRE… uh yeah no dice there whatsoever. Coming up empty on every google search

I’ve uninstalled armoury crate with the uninstall tool and re-installed multiple times. I’ve uninstalled AsusSystemControlInterfaceV3 multiple times and re-installed with no change. I’ve even installed windows a few different ways including restoring from a previous back-up. Among a few other hail mary attemps… 🤦‍♂️

Edit: turns out the only place you can do a true factory image restore is from cloud recovery in the bios. Went through four different Asus reps that couldn’t tell me this, with one even telling me the only thing I could do is send the laptop back to them… only to take it to geeksquad and have the guy there show me how to fix this in five minutes… take that for what it is when considering contacting Asus.

instructions here:

**** as for panel overdrive, Asus knows what the problem is and it's being addressed: Solved: Re: Armoury Crate V5.8.9.0 / AURA Creator V3.7.6.0... - Page 17 - Republic of Gamers Forum -...  ****