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Stop Buying Strix Series Laptops

Level 8

My original post here.

G731GW issue with Power Adapter PIN getting extrem... - Republic of Gamers Forum - 846502 (

So my Laptop died after 4 years. I didn't bothered getting it repaired as of no point now.

I came back here to post something interesting i just encountered yesterday.

One of my friends bought a Strix G18 (2024) with RTX 4080 just a week ago. He asked me to reformat it and wanted bitlocker encryption disabled.

While i was done doing it, i just remember about what happened to my laptop and curiously just took out the adapter pin from laptop to check and to my surprise it had the same problem, a new laptop had the same degradation on the inner pin. *Check my original post for what happened*

And all users who own this series check the inner side of you adapter pin if its degrading or you have to replaced your adapter often, its not the adapter but the adapter pin.

ASUS needs some serious quality control and testing while rolling this crap out to public.