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Q LED light - computer crashing

For the last week or so, anytime I'm playing a game, specifically this is happening mostly in DayZ, my monitors will suddenly flash black, and my computer will lock up. Can't do anything other than hard restart. The Q LEDs are lit up on Boot Device...

mil578 by Level 7
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Getting Random PC Lock Ups with Maximus VI Hero

I just put together a new PC ( http://pcpartpicker.com/user/SvennEthir/saved/4oWd ). I've been running into an issue where games will just randomly lock up with a loud sound coming from the speakers. I've been running tests to try and sort this out, ...

Svenn by Level 7
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Having an issue with tri sli on a IV BE…I've actually got 4 cards sitting on the board, 4th disabled. During boot it'll end up with 1/2/4 on even though 4 is disabled.Once on desktop all 3 are recognised but when sli is enabled only the 1st two end u...

Doug2507 by Level 10
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Maximus V GENE not working properly

Hello. I bought a Maximus V Gene motherboard 2 years ago. And now i have some problems with it.First, a lot of the USB ports are not working at all. Only 3 are working, and not so good, sometimes when i start my pc y have to reconnect the mouse or th...

Alenos by Level 7
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Max m.2 ssd length for Maximus VI Gene

I'm thinking of adding an m.2 ssd into the mPCIe combo. I'd like to add a Crucial M500. The issue I'm seeing is the length- 80mm - might have it bump into the VRM heat sink. I'd rather not take a dremel to that heatsink but will consider it if need ...

Tempus by Level 7
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Z87 Pro and Hero bios fan question

Is there any difference in the minimum fan speeds with the bios q fan control between the Z87 Pro and Hero?I don't want to install ai suite, but want the board to run quietly when not gaming, and had heard that the Pro could run at lower fan speeds i...

wont boot AE code

My crosshair v formula z wont boot. Stop booting on AE code.Spec:Fx8350Crossfire r9 270xRam g.skill 4gx2 1600Psu corsair ax860i.I just open bf4 and will play after 10sec in game the pc just died and wont boot..