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Z87 pro - Updating BIOS without POST

Hi all ,I've been searching for ways to update this BIOS but most of the resources use the utilities from the BIOS menu options. I'm building this rig myself and it won't go to POST so i'm hoping that updating the BIOS might resolve my issue.Now i've...

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Hi Guys,I'm coming across these Q Codes :55, 58, 3b, sometime 69(very rare).Mostly up to 58 and back to 55 and restart from 13.Also got something like 55--->58--->69, or 55--->58--->55--->3b, and 55--->58--->3b!!I did read the User Guide to define wh...

Maximus VI Extreme WIFI Problem

I just built my first EVER pc, and I finished last night. Everything is working flawlessly except there is a code A0 that I have no idea what that means. So far my pc is running very nice except that I CANNOT get to the internet. I've installed the m...

RivBE bios 403 and new intel management

Hay guys is there any known issue running the new Intel Management Engine interface version with bios 403 I'm not having a problem of any kind but I thought I read somewhere that the latest BIOS and latest Intel Management Engine should b...

Maximus VI Hero "Double POST" Cold Boot Problem

I just completed my rig and I'm seeing a problem when doing a cold boot. Basically what's happening is:1. Turn on PSU.2. Power up the PC.3. PC boots up and, while doing the POST for a brief 3 seconds, it stops on a Q-Code of "79" and then quickly swi...

PCIe Overclcoking

Hey Guys, Has anyone here over clocked their PCIe? I hear it can gain you some FPS in 3 d games but if you go to far you can corrupt your hard drives. I'm seeing some say 103 mhz to 110 mhz no further. Any insight on these motherboards? Or should...

Hero intel lan driver and WOL issues

Hi little back story I haven been trying to get WOL working on my rig but can't get it to respond to the magic packet. So checked over my settings everything seemed fine until i compared my wife's pc running the exact same maximus hero board.Basicall...