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RE3 PCI-E config????

i got a quick ?? basically i want to put my Killer Xeno Pro nic in my PCI-E slot one and GPU's in slot 2-4 will that work? or do i have to have GPU in first slot?? any help is much appreciated. thanks

Balistic Tracer Ram

I just recently installed 12gb of Ballistic Tracer 1600MGz RAM on the my R3E. I am having a little issue with it though. When I installed it The top lights are very dim and are not tracing at all. As far as my Bios are concerned I have version 8.x in...

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Rampage 3 Gene up and running!!

I got R3Gene up and running tonight on stock heatsink....just wanted to make sure it'll boot. I'll post a few pics as soon as online. Brian can you move this post i put in wrong thread.here are some partsunboxing Geneinitial posthere is possible case...

Need CPU cooler help

Looking to upgrade my CPU cooler and wondering from you guys what do you use? I am running a i7 980x Extreme proc. and Corsair TR3X6G1600C8D Dominator 6 GB 3 x 2. Want to over clock to 4.0 Ghz with no heat issues. The cooler I have now (Thermaltake ...

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RC TweakIt Bluetooth not working

Has anyone had any success getting RC TweakIt Bluetooth working on phones not in the QVL?I've tried both the WM and Symbian latest versions and none of them worked.The devices were:- WM: HTC Kaiser running WM 6.1 Pro (custom ROM). RC TweakIt starts, ...

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Rampage II Gene unboxing/overview

Here is a quick unboxing of the Rampage II Gene which was the first micro ATX ROG board for the X58 chipset. This followed right after the Rampage II Extreme came out. Its aimed towards the hardcore gaming enthusiasts that want to get the most out ...

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CPU Fan Setting for Corsair H70 Question

Installing my Corsair H70 cooling kit tomorrow and I need my CPU Fan to stay at 100% power but I cant figure out how. In the bios I have the CPU fan set to TURBO but the fan does not stay at full power. What do I set in the bios so it stays at 100% p...

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ROG connect

My ROG connection isn't working install it on the desktop with the rampage 3 usb in switch on usb other computer tried also laptop. NO CONNECTION AVAILABLE.

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