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do you know Noara: The Conspiracy

Hi everyone!I create this topic to share my discovery of Noara: The conspiracy! It's a mix between a moba (lol, Smite,...), turn-based strategy (fire embleme, Xcom,...) and the dynamism of a real-time game! They just released a video presentation of...

Vielynx by Level 7
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Crashes and bsod impossible to use.

Right driving me up the wall now.Anyone has any idea what it could be.Asus rog crosshair viii hero wifi x570.Ryzen 3800x16g Team group T Force 8 pack ram cas14 3600mhz ramCorsair Ax860 platinum psu.RTX 3080.Started few weeks ago random crash in Apex ...

Packetlost in games and disconnection

Hello, I have packet loss when I play and quite regularly, several times per game, the games freeze for a few seconds and the game continues after with a teleportation in multiplayer (Fortnite, Warzone 2.0, Halo Infinite), all my pilots of my pc and ...

chassis fan not spinning GT35 - SOLVED

hello,good day, I just bought an Asus ROG STRIX GT 35 with i9 11900KF and RTX 3090; there is an AIO pump.(yeah it's a lot of money; I managed to keep my previous rig 11 years : Win7, I will miss you)I realized the rear fan in the chassis is not spinn...

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Low fps and low gpu usage after some time of gameplay - Far Cry 6

Hi pc:12900K with NZXT KRAKEN X73 ( 50-60C in game )2x16GB DDR4 KINGSTON DDR4 3600MHZ in GEAR 1RTX 3090 Ti Gigabyte GamingAorus Z690 Elite DDR4 bios F5SSD 1 TB NVM PCIEI have Windows 11 installed the newest version.I am on tutorial island.I have weir...

Recomendaciones antes de comprar el Asus Tuf Gaming F15

Hola a todos, estoy en planes de comprarme un portátil para jugar, como no controlo mucho de hardware he estado mirando por todo internet sobre cual comprar y al final leí un artículo sobre la marca asus, y me ha llamado mucho la atención el modelo A...

Similar games to League of Legends

Hi guys!I’m seeking games that are similar or even better than League of Legends. Can you give me a few suggestions? Thanks so much for your help.

Will Hyper-Casual Games Perish After A Boom?

The Boom of Hyper-Casual Games Started in 2019 No one could deny the rapid rising of hyper-casual games in the past few years. 2019 witnessed the start of the boom of hyper-casual games, with a 100% increase in downloads as compared to 2018. In 2021,...