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What’s been your favorite game recently?

Hello everyone. This is a non-technical thread because I want ro bring up a more open topic. So, what has been your favorite game lately? I’m starving for new cool games.

ROG Zephyrus Sudden severe FPS drops

Hello, I bought a asus ROG laptop last month and it is encountering problems since thenwhen I play some game at medium settings the fps suddenly drops to unplayable condition and then after few seconds it becomes normali have made a video of it. i do...

Packetlost in games and disconnection

Hello, I have packet loss when I play and quite regularly, several times per game, the games freeze for a few seconds and the game continues after with a teleportation in multiplayer (Fortnite, Warzone 2.0, Halo Infinite), all my pilots of my pc and ...

Why do games crash so much on my laptop?! (ASUS STRIX-G17-G713QR-HG022T)

HiI'm seeking your help because I'm facing a recuring problem that I just don't know how to try to fix anymore. My laptop is the ASUS STRIX-G17-G713QR-HG022T (AMD Ryzen 9 5900HX, 16Go RAM, GeForce RTX 3070 8Go).Basically, most games I try to play on ...

Bribi by Level 7
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Anyone playing World of warcraft on Bronzebeard US

If anyone would like to team up and stuff I am on Bronzebeard US My guild is Dafrickinbest it is a level 8 we have 29 members pretty laid back. If you want to join just do a /who guild name to see if anyone is on. My toons I play mostly are DaPally, ...

kb0sdq by Level 10
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Brand new player, just bought the game, since this is a MMO game is there any reason to install this on my SSD, rather than my Storage drive???

Clintlgm by Level 14
  • 4 replies
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Warzone on GX531GS cpu runs at 95° Celcius

Hi all,I have a Zephyrus asus rog and without any gaming everything runs smooth but when I play warzone the cpu blows like a jet plane and the temperature is always 94-97° Celsius is that normal? The laptop is 1 yrs old.P.S.: Sometimes I can feel som...

Jetonr by Level 7
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Motherboard overheating?

I`m using Piriform Speccy and cpuidHWMonitor and it`s saying my motherboard is 111c is this normal?

RedeyeX7 by Level 7
  • 8 replies
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Steam connection

Hi When I start Skyrim, it connects first with steam. however i am getting the message "steam cannot find an internet connection" and so cannot proceed with the game. anyone got any suggestion on settings to change for this. I have tried disabling t...