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Favorite Games Of All-Time

Hey everyone,As stated in the title, which are your's? First game I played was Contra on Commodore 64 Continued on from there to a PC, I started playing Fifa 97 then C&C: Red Alert, year by year Fifa title's and I met my match with Dead Space, Sing...

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Issues with Skyrim AE with SKSE

I am running with a Zephyrus G GU502DU_GA502DU with the Mvidia 1660ti and 16G of RAM. I have installed Skyrim SE (AE) with SKSE and about 300 mods in play. I have updated the Nvidia driver, the Radeon driver, the Realtek audio driver and the updated ...

kcallis by Level 7
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Free Epic Games

Hello everyone,If you didn't know already, Epic is giving away a free game every week, just thought I'd fill you in.Create an account, once you download the game it's yours to keep. You can uninstall it and reinstall it at a future date.Link to Epic ...

Nate152 by Moderator
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Asus Strix Scar G733 not working with Oculus

My Asus Strix Scar G733 is not working with Oculus pc app. When I start up Oculus it says my computer is not meeting the min requirements... Obviously my computer meets the requirements but somehow something is not working well.

aesu24 by Level 7
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Asus Zephyrus GX701 USB 3.1 Ports operating as USB 2.0

Hello,I have a Asus Zephyrus GX701GX with a GTX 2080 Max-Q and 40GB of ram.I've recently purchase a Quest 2 and trying to get Oculus Link to work. I have the official Oculus Link cable and my Laptop has 2x USB Type-C ports, one USB 3.1 and one USB 3....

Zodiak by Level 7
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¿Qué silla gaming me recomendáis?

Buenas tardes a todos,Siempre he sido de jugar a videojuegos sentado de cualquier manera pero llevo unos meses que mi espalda ya no es lo que era y está empezando a resentirse así que creo que me conviene una silla gaming. Aunque no paso muchas horas...

ROG Strix G15 G513 VR Compatible

Hi allHaving difficulties trying to find if the ROG Strix G15 G513 is compatible with VR headsets.

Destiny 2 graphics performance guide

Destiny made 2014 a great year for developer Bungie. The game was so popular that it placed third on Forbes’s list of top-selling titles for that year. Bungie demonstrated to the world that it’s capable of producing a best-selling blockbuster outside...

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Chino by Level 15
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RX6800M gives similar specs as RX6700XT? Really?! Insane score!

HWINFO Specs: ya saying guys?Just to be clear guys, this is ASUS G513QY #AMD Advantage Edition laptop.... temps are high coz I was just having short #COD #Vanguard session and you ...

Mini micro studder lagg

I have a rampage v extreme and vengeance lpx 32gigs of corsair ram at 2666 mhz, a evga 1060 ssc and i7 5820k, overclocked at 4.3 ghz, with my core voltage at 1.296 and for some reason when I play games I get this mini micro studder lag, don't know wh...

Dkp1988 by Level 7
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