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my gaming laptop over heats when i playing videos games

my gaming laptop over heats when i playing videos games is it supposed to do that just wondering it a new laptop rog zephyrus g15 3060 it seams better than my old alien ware for gaming its a 1070 but my new gaming laptop is 3060

ROG Zephyrus Sudden severe FPS drops

Hello, I bought a asus ROG laptop last month and it is encountering problems since thenwhen I play some game at medium settings the fps suddenly drops to unplayable condition and then after few seconds it becomes normali have made a video of it. i do...

Anyone playing Banished?

I've got through a few years on easy so far (no one gets ill, only deaths from old age) just to understand the mechanics and it's addictive, but there isn't much 'end game'. Is anyone else playing? It's extremely impressive only made by one guy (and ...

X-ROG by Level 15
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Local PC Gaming Store

Hey Guys,Just doing a little market research, and wondered if any of you would be interested in the idea of a PC gaming store around your local area. Now obviously I understand there will be people from all over the place on here, but I'm just intere...

Destiny 2 - The Witch Queen

With the start of the Witch Queen we are now at season 16 "Season of the Risen". The Witch Queen is the god of the Hive species, her name is Savathun. Our duty as guardians is to find out how she stole the light from the traveler and get it back.The...

Nate152 by Moderator
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Cant play MWII on new build

Launching COD from app, COD MWII Season 2 window pops up, with ricochet anti-cheat in the upper right, the white bar at the bottom progresses completely but ends there. PC must be rebooted after every failed launch before any new attempt c...

do you know Noara: The Conspiracy

Hi everyone!I create this topic to share my discovery of Noara: The conspiracy! It's a mix between a moba (lol, Smite,...), turn-based strategy (fire embleme, Xcom,...) and the dynamism of a real-time game! They just released a video presentation of...

Vielynx by Level 7
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Crashes and bsod impossible to use.

Right driving me up the wall now.Anyone has any idea what it could be.Asus rog crosshair viii hero wifi x570.Ryzen 3800x16g Team group T Force 8 pack ram cas14 3600mhz ramCorsair Ax860 platinum psu.RTX 3080.Started few weeks ago random crash in Apex ...