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Issues with Skyrim AE with SKSE

Level 7
I am running with a Zephyrus G GU502DU_GA502DU with the Mvidia 1660ti and 16G of RAM. I have installed Skyrim SE (AE) with SKSE and about 300 mods in play. I have updated the Nvidia driver, the Radeon driver, the Realtek audio driver and the updated BIOS. When I start the vanilla Skyrim game, the I have no issue with starting the game. Once I add the collection along with SKSE, I no longer have the vanilla game load screen.

When I start the SKSE version of Skyrim, the game starts up in different ways. Sometimes, I can start the game and it is roses and rainbows and the game just plays. Another time I start the game and there is a slight cackling in the audio, but goes away and game is good to go. Try another time and I have cackling, the smoke on the load screen stutters, and the game also stutters. The biggest one and seems to be constant now is then I start the game, the game start screen is completely black, but the music is playing flawlessly. The only thing that I can do is kill the process with task manager.

I am wondering if anyone is running to that type of issue. I have made sure that the game is forced into using the Nvidia card, so I am running out of ideas. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated!