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gpu drivers crashing

hi i have asus tuf dash f15 ,16 gb ram ,i7 11th gen ,nvdia rtx3050ti,1tb ssd.i used to stream on this same laptop 8 months ago ,now i cant cuz ive been getting gpu crashes . yes my drivers are up to date .i get  ive never overcloacked my gpu ik its n...

f44aab9b-c273-4eac-b55b-8030db9922f9.jpg tanixh_0-1689160294745.jpeg tanixh_1-1689160353721.png
tanixh by Level 8
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PUBG controls

I have this problem on my Ally where in playing PUBG with the controller and if a tap left on my right analog stick it fires my weapon. Any idea how to fix this?

Sponsership request

Dear Asus Team, I hope this email finds you well. I am writing to express my keen interest in your exceptional products and explore the possibility of collaborating on an advertisement campaign. As a loyal customer and an enthusiastic advocate of you...

Mhkhq8 by Level 7
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my gaming laptop over heats when i playing videos games

my gaming laptop over heats when i playing videos games is it supposed to do that just wondering it a new laptop rog zephyrus g15 3060 it seams better than my old alien ware for gaming its a 1070 but my new gaming laptop is 3060

Asus scar 16 2023, how to fix turning to black screen.

First thing first, many thanks to a YouTuber named gaming performance. He is the person who is told me to do this way. In Armoury Crate set GPU mode to Standard and in Nvidia control panel > manage display mode, switch to optimus. It will help you ru...

Vorie by Level 9
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LED Lighting Kit For 75955 Hogwarts Express

I have purchased LED Lighting Kit for 75955 Hogwarts Express from Liteupblock at US$35 price, Plus free shipping. It's really amazing and good quality products. Now you can buy Lego light parts for Hogwarts Express, price US$20 without shipping cost.

Hogwarts Express.png

Matrix GTX285

Hey  would anybody know for how much that collector item would sell ? 

PG27AQN 25” mode does NOT work in Valorant

Valorant seems to stretch the image to the full 27" instead of cropping like other games do. The 25" mode does not work in Valorant at all. I'm disappointed by this because this monitor was advertised as a great monitor for Valorant and the 25" mode ...

DavieTi by Level 7
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