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B450-F Gaming - No USB ports work. They give power, but doesn`t recognize anything I connect

Level 7

Please help!
As the title says, none of the UBS ports on my motherboard work all of a sudden. They give power (a USB connected mouse lights red, but nothing else), but don`t recognize any units I connect.

Luckily I found an old PS2 keyboard so I could navigate the UEFI and Windows, and for the first time I can say I am fairly happy I`m an eighties kid; Navigating windows without a mouse goes surprisingly well, probably since my childhood was spent on on TIKI100s and 286s 😃.

What can be the reason to all USB ports (both front and back) failing, and how can I fix it? It`s terribly annoying, and with me having ADD, I can`t let it go of it either. I have now spent the past 48 hours trying every single possible solution, but have to acknowledge that I am coming out short. This is what I have done:

  • Cleared CMOS by removing the CMOS battery, disconnecting the PSU and "short circuiting" the CMOS pins.
  • Tried disabling and enabling the USB ports with "DisableUSB Free".
  • Removed everything but 1 RAM stick and the CPU and PSU to see if there were any compatibility issues.
  • Googled and Binged my butt off for hours, reading 500 different forum posts about (almost) the same issue.
  • Asked Chat GPT4.
  • Reinstalled these: Oyvindli1_0-1685910525104.png
  • Tried installing this old Windows update: Oyvindli1_2-1685910575524.png "March 5, 2018—KB4090913 (OS Build 16299.251) - Microsoft Support"
  • Uninstalled all USB root drivers in device manager, and restartet the PC in question.
  • Tried installing Armoury crate to see if it would update my MB in some magical way, but I can`t navigate to the "front" to accept and install it properly. no matter what I do, I keep navigating around in "the back". Anyone know a smart way to move the navigation "up a layer" so I can accept and install? And will it even have a chance of working?
     USB tree 25.png

Nothing have worked so far so I really hope someone here knows the solution. I found this program called USB tree which gives a lot of information, but I don`t know what all the info means. Maybe some of you can read something sensible from it?

USB tree 1.0.png

USB tree 1.png

USB tree 2.png

USB tree 5.png

USB tree 6.png

USB tree 7.png

USB tree 8.png

USB tree 9.png

USB tree 10.png

USB tree 11.png

USB tree 12.png

USB tree 13.png

USB tree 14.png

USB tree 15.png

USB tree 16.png

USB tree 17.png

USB tree 18.png

USB tree 19.png

USB tree 20.png

USB tree 21.png

USB tree 22.png

USB tree 26.png

USB tree.png

- AMD Rysen 5 2600X.
- ROG STRIX B450-F Gaming.
- Corsair VX550W.
- Cooler Master Hyper 212 LED Turbo.
- 4 x 8 GB Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4, 3000MHz.
- MSI GeForce GTX 1070 8GB DDR5.
- 2 x Intel SSD 256GB M.2 PCIe NVMe 2280.